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Jason Sorensen, Principal

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Jason Sorensen is the Founder and Principal of Resolve Interior Concepts.  With more than a decade of experience in luxury design, Jason creates timeless, contemporary, award-winning interiors reflecting his West Coast upbringing.

In his career, Jason has had the opportunity to work with leading practitioners of West Coast modern design.  Time as a student in the office of Robert Ledingham left a lasting impression, prompting Jason to develop an appreciation for Mr. Ledingham’s play with the subtleties of texture and colour.  For more than 10 years, Jason honed his skills with Mitchell Freedland Design, winning multiple awards for both residential and commercial projects. While working with Mitchell, he learned that great design requires attention to detail and pushing yourself towards excellence. His experiences have allowed Jason to develop his own unique approach to design, culminating in the launch of Resolve Interiors.

As no two people are alike, nor are any two individual projects. Jason’s bespoke design approach tailors interiors to meet his clients’ wants and needs, complementing unique lifestyles and reflecting individual aesthetics. At Resolve Interiors, he works with clients to create timeless interiors as a result of his basic design philosophy – that quality interior design begins and ends with the meticulous execution of refined details.  The correct execution of even the smallest element is the aim, ensuring that spaces have been thoughtfully worked through from concept development to final execution.

Jason operates with integrity, honesty and transparency. He is mindful and respectful of project budgets, aiming to work with the client and construction team to meet agreed upon budget goals. The end result is a timeless, contemporary space that meets the client’s functional and aesthetic needs. Whether it is your personal residence, multi-unit development or commercial property, Jason looks forward to working with you to execute an exceptional, well-resolved space.


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